First day at the College of Hotel Management

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you how is the first day at the college of hotel management college. And how was my first day being a hotel management student, first of all let me tell you that. I have entered the entrance to do hotel management in 2020.

I were given the exam and after that I were allotted IHM Lucknow according to rank. First of all, the entrance exam of 2020 which was mean to be NCHMCT was very late. Because covid-19 had a havoc at that time and also at this time. Days later it has started and that too the entire class of our first semester was made online. Which have conducted on Google Meet.

Now you guys know how online class is, how much children are able to concentrate in online class. I did not feel good doing online classes. But what should I do or was there a compulsion. That every hotel management college student had to do because no one could do anything by wishing.

Our first semester mid term exam was also online and the final exam was also online. This exam were conducted by nchmct jee. And practicals also happened online which were taken by college teachers.

Our college was not opening in Semester, but it was decided to open the college. In the second semester which was decided by the state government. All the children had to submit their covid-19 test.

And submit the report to the college and all the document college speed have Invited the students to the college by post. When we went to the college, our first day was a document verification.

Another ideas about First day at the College of Hotel Management : –

First day at the College of Hotel Management

Then our first day went to document verification. And the WhatsApp group was formed for the number of days the online class was running so that all the boys. And the girl knew each other very well and when everyone met in college. They met each other but I could not meet everyone.

So much because I did not talk to the people in the WhatsApp group. And quickly talked to someone Could not do this is the reason that. I could not mix with more people in college, but it was my big shortcoming. That I could not talk to anyone quickly. It is very wrong thing because you are doing a hotel management course.

When you get a job, you get a lot of people If you have to learn from now. Then when you learn from now, then you will work in the future. So you should talk to people, you should connect with people. But it is not in me that it will cause a lot of trouble in the future. But do not make such a mistake on yourself.

Friends and all the people in your college, do not think to talk to anyone. And one more thing that you will have to consider and if you understand. Then do not think anything in asking. Because we have given too much money to manage the hotel. Then we have every right to ask.

How was the study when our hotel management college opened in March : –

First day at the College of Hotel Management When our document verification was completed. The class started from the next day and how was the class going. I tell our Deori classes were running offline till 12:00 pm. Our theory class offline ran from 9:00 am onwards.

And then from 1:00 pm. Our practical class would start and we had to go to college around 1:00 pm. And by 5:00 pm it was a practical class. And the first class of us was of the front office.

The class head of the front office told us that when we have a practical class next time. We have to bring a latest news and speak a latest news in front of all the students. So that our communication skills will be good.

We had a practical class in 1 day and that was a class. Suppose if one subject’s class happened today. Then we will see that practical class again in the next week.

There was a lot of difference between a practical class and another practical class. Because the time was too short and the syllabus was too much. The hotel management college teacher was also teaching syllabus very quickly.

All of us children was went to college just a few days after.That the threat of covid-19 was revived. So the college people did that the people who got the hostel were given notice to vacate the hostel.

And the college was closed for the first 15 days. After which the date of the closed college was further extended. Because the case of covid-19 was growing very fast.

Conclusion : –

NCHM will have to take a decision regarding the fee because when classes are going online. Why is it has charged so much when our practical class is not happening and it is such a study.

That without practical in hotel management there is not much to understand. Our studies remain dependent on the practical class. And our 2nd semester mid term exam online was recently taken.

And when the hotel management colleges will open. It is not certain yet because now the responsibility of opening colleges. And schools will depend on the state government. And the state government will take this decision in view of the state of the state.

The date of the hotel management entrance exam in 2021. Which means the NCHMCT exam was also extended. And those who are going to give entrance exam for hotel management in 2021. This year, their class will also go online as far as they have expected. However, if the exam is not done yet, then nothing can be said about the class.

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