How was the first semester result in hotel management 2021

Today we will talking about How was the first semester result in hotel management 2021. As you all will know that especially the hotel management student. Who had given the exam for the first semester.

The result which has found online for hotel management has come. And you can go to the official website of your college and see.Or you may have got your first semester results in your college’s WhatsApp group.

Because in 2021 hotel management classes are going on online. Due to which there are many groups on WhatsApp from any information by the college.

But it has sent so that all the students know whether there will be a class today. Or if there is any leave notice. Similarly the result of the first semester has sent to the WhatsApp group. Then today we will talk about the same result.

How was the first semester result in hotel management 2021. Because there are many students who are not happy with the marks has given by NCHM. Because the first semester exam for hotel management has taken by the NCHM.

It has not taken in any college because it was the final exam and took. The whole college exam in NCHM which are all the IHM colleges in India. The exam of NCHM was not taken and the result of all together was also published by NCHM.

If any hotel management students are not happy with the number has given by NCHM. They can fill up a form and send it to NCHM. So that the examinations have given in the hotel management students will re-checked.

How was the first semester result in hotel management 2021

More doubt about first semester : –

Although the results of some children have deteriorated. Then in the next semester I You will be allowed to go. If you have been a mother and question. Then you can go to the next semester. When the first semester exam is there. Then he can also give the exam for the first semester. And he will give his second semester exam, for this, he will have to fill a form.

By filling the form that you will be told by the college when and how the repaired form will be given, you can pass the exam for the first semester again.

Are hotel management students happy with their results: –

Now we will talk that the results of the hotel management students are happy with their results. So the result has been very good for the hotel management students. Because the first semester exam was taken online. And the children were not cut or not much in giving the online exam.

Due to this, the students of Hotel Management performed well in the first semester exam. And the practical exam which has given by the online. The teacher of the College of Hotel Management in the exam gave good marks.

Because those teachers also knew that the practical classes are offline. And all the children will have some problem with online. So hotel management Hotel management students has given the number in all the teachers.

Some hotel management students have also failed in practical exam. So next time they will have practical exam in the first semester. Then they can give practical again. And now in the coming few days. The second semester is going to be an examination of hotel management students. Which should done in education by now and due to the situation is not correct. The exam date has moved a little further.

The hotel management college is also not taking online classes. In which you can prepare for your second semester exam. And the practical exam scheduled to done before the second semester exam. And due to poor health of the teacher. The practical exam has also pushed forward.

 How was the result of ihm Lucknow and who is the topper of ihm Lucknow: –

As I told you, the hotel management student was waiting for the result after the first semester exam But it took a lot for you to get the result But when the first semester result came, the students were very happy.

Because the result was excellent like I am a student of IHM Lucknow and the result of IHM Lucknow is also excellent and especially our group such as an online class in a hotel management college.

He is sitting in three groups, X and Y, so we study in Y group and the result of y group is very good. Among the top twentieth children of y Group are children with good results, Y group has at least 10 students.

This shows how good the results of the first semester have been and how well the children of y group have given a good performance in IHM Lucknow. And the one who topped IHM Lucknow is also a Group A girl. Which you can ask how good the group people have brought the result for IHM Lucknow.

The girl who has topped her name is prerna pahwa which is very good in reading and any student of the group is a problem, if anything happens then prerna pahwa helps all the students. And with this, there is another girl in the y group, whose name is Nupur, he also helps a lot.

More knowledge about How was the first semester result in hotel management 2021 : –

All the friends have also got a good number and he is also in the top Twenty and this is the girl from group y. Group y performed well after mixing it all up. And I am also a student of the group and you guys know that I do not like to read, so I am at the bottom. All the students of group y are very good, they help each other, that is why if anyone has any problem.

They ask each other well and this is the girls whose name I mentioned above, these two girls help everyone. So you must have now come to know that IHM Lucknow’s topper is prerna pahwa.

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