Is hotel management degree is a good degree for a career in 2021

Friends, today we are going to talk that is hotel management degree a good degree for a career in 2021. Because in 2021 there are many people who want to study hotel management. And they have also filled the form of entrance exam, although entrance exam.

The date of the date has been extended now. But it will the exam as if the exam was taken with a little delay in 2020. And last year I had given the exam. As if we are talking that hotel management degree is a good degree for a career.

So what do you think hotel management degree can be a right choice for career. What is there in the future? There is no scope of it at present. Of course.

If the scope does not exist at present. Then the students giving hotel management entrance exam. You should think this by yourself if you are thinking. That currently the hotel management degree is of no value. Because we are all seeing how much the hotel industry is growing day by day.

No one is so good This is why the hotel industry has had to be a bit straggled. But the hotel industry will come on its line as soon as the covid-19 ends. Because the hospitality industry cannot remain closed for much longer.

What qualification required for hotel management: –

Is hotel management degree is a good degree for a career

Now we are going to talk about. What qualification has required for hotel management. Because many students do not know what qualification has required to get a hotel management degree.

If you are also studying in class X, then you can take a course in hotel management even after passing the tenth standard, but you will only be able to do a diploma course in hotel management.

And if you pass the class 12 then you will You can do Bachelor of Hotel Management. And many courses. Which I have explained below and with this you have given a BSc degree.

If you want to take a hotel management course after 12th. Then you have to give an entrance exam. Which is named NCHM jee. And when your entrance is good in exam then you have given ranking most college.

You need all this qualification for the study of hotel management. If you are 10th, then you can take a hotel management degree. And if you are 12, you can still study hotel management.

Hotel management degree or diploma who is right: –

If you are thinking of doing a hotel management degree in 2021. And you are in a dilemma as to which hospitality management degree or diploma is right.

Let me tell you, if you do your degree. Your future diploma will be more bright. Then If your family can give you money to get a hospitality management degree.

Then do the degree and if the family is not able to pay that much money. You do not do hospitality management degree and do diploma. So now you must understand who is right in hospitality management degree or diploma mein.

Advantages and disadvantages of hotel management degree: –

Now we will talk about what is the advantage and disadvantage of hospitality management degree courses. Because if you are going to study hospitality management degree. Then you need to know that the biggest advantage of studying. Hospitality management degree is that you can do management training. And Operational training is eligible for both training. Which is a big plus point for students pursuing hotel management degrees.

The other thing will be the answer. If you are studying for a hospitality management degree. Then you are told about all the departments in slow studies. As well as you are taught many such subjects. Which makes your management skill very much developed.

Now when we talk about the disadvantage of a hospitality management degree. It is again a big disability that there are many students. Who do not know anything about hotel management. They get admission in college to do hospitality management degree course.

When They do not like this study, but it is difficult for them. The second disadvantage of a hospitality management degree is a lot of money in studying a duty management degree. Because a hospitality management degree is a professional study.

Advantages and disadvantages of diploma course: –

Talking about the Advantage and Disadvantage of Hotel Management Diploma Course. The biggest advantage of Diploma Course is that it does not take much. Money to do Diploma Course. You can do Diploma Course in Hotel Management for less money.

And the second biggest advantage is in hotel management diploma course. That you will take diploma course in the same department. Which you have interest and only you have to study in that department.

The biggest Advantage Hotel Management diploma course is not that. If you don’t like this course then you can also add diploma course in the middle. Because it takes very less money to do diploma course. And you can also do your graduation course from the side. Those who will leave you diploma course will help later.

Talk about the Disadvantage of Hotel Management Diploma Course. The biggest disadvantage of Hotel Management Diploma course is that. You have to start your job from the lowest level.

And the second biggest disorder is that you will not be eligible for management training and operational training. Which if you study hotel management degree course then only you will be eligible for management training and operation training.

 Hotel management degree duration: –

Let us talk about how many years the hotel management degree duration is, then it depends on your hotel management degree course like I told you above.

If you are doing a Bachelor of Hotel Management course. Then it will complete your 3 years Is studied. And it is here that if you do a Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Management course. Then it will take you 4 years to do this course.

If you are doing hotel management diploma then it will take you 1 to 2 years to do this course. And similarly there is a course Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology. It will take 4 years to do this course. Similarly, there are other courses which take different time to do according to the course.

Hotel management degree fees: –

We will talk about how much hotel management degree course fee is charged if you are thinking of doing hospitality management degree. Hotel management degree course name You have to first select which course you want to do because hotel management degree course names are 6 to 7 types.

Just like I am doing bachelor of hotel management. And I will also judge you that if you want to do a hotel management degree course right now. Then you should do Bachelor of Hotel Management.

If we talk about hospitality management degree course fees. Then the entire fee has charged 360000, it varies from college to college. Because the cost of each place is different, like I have a Bachelor of Hospitality Management degree from IHM Lucknow. If I am doing IHM Lucknow charges 360000 fees.

Conclusion : –

If you know everything about studying hotel management. So definitely study hospitality management because the demand for hotel management students will increase in the coming time. Therefore, according to your skill, you should convert the disadvantage of hotel management into advantage.

Only then will you be able to make a name for yourself in the hotel industry. In hotel management studies also, you are given a variety of degrees and according to that, everyone’s degree is different. Therefore, you should get all the information first and then study hotel management from your college.

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