Industrial training of hotel management of Summer batch in 2021

Today we will talk about industrial training of hotel management of Summer batch in 2021. If you are student of hotel management and you are studying in any college. But so what do you know that for industrial training. All the students who are going to go to the hotel for industrial training of summer batch.

Industrial training of students with summer patch was not going to happen in July. But in view of the current situation. Because the date of industrial training has shifted to 2 August.

You must be aware that a WhatsApp group has created by Hotel Management Colleges to do industrial training. In which you have to send your resume. And looking at your resume, one of your interview dates has fixed.

And on that date you will interviewed by the officials of the five star hotel. A few days after the interview. You will get the result and in that. Because You will know whether you have selected or not.

In some interviews you will asked questions in the first semester in some interviews questions has asked. Your introduction has taken and you have talked to. Your communication skills are being checked.

So you have to work on your communication skills. It will go a long way in getting you a good property means a good five star hotel.

And if you want that you do not sit in the interview conducted by the college. So you can call any party hotel and tell them that I want to do industrial training in your hotel. Then he will ask you to send his resume and then interview you. And if you get selected in the interview then you will be called for industrial training.

When will be the industrial training of winter batch for hotel management students : –

Industrial training of hotel management of Summer batch in 2021

Winter will talk about Bech Ke Hotel Management students whose industrial training is going to happen in December. Nursing training of hotel management students of Winter Bench will start from December 20. The preparation for which has already started. A separate WhatsApp group for winter batch students has also created by college.

In which you have told what happens in industrial training. And how the questions have asked. Because hotel management students have very scared, how questions have asked in the interview.

If your interest is in the front office department and the interviewer asks you in which department your interest. If you speak front office department, then from there front office department will ask related questions.

Similarly, it will be for all departments as well, so the department in which you are interested. You have to prepare well in that department.

Conclusion : –

So as I told you that being a hotel management student, it becomes very important for you to do industrial training. Because unless you do industrial training you will not have a good experience. Due to which you will have to face many difficulties in getting a good job. That’s why it becomes very important for you to do industrial training, you will see many benefits of doing this internship. So don’t miss this internship opportunity when you come back to college.

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