How is itc royal bengal to live in 2022 during traveling

Today we will know about itc royal bengal, itc royal bengal buffet, itc royal bengal restaurant. Apart from this, we will also understand about this hotel in detail.

Because if you ever go to Kolkata for sightseeing and you need to stay then you can think of staying at ITC Royal Bengal. Because it is the most luxury and best hotel in Kolkata.

It is a very good place to visit in Kolkata, where every year many people go to visit. That’s why you need to know about the hotel present there, one of which is itc royal bengal.

Itc royal bengal was completed in 2019, whose CEO and Managing Director is Sanjeev Puri. Which has a total of 456 rooms. In which VIP room is also included and all types of rooms come inside it. And there are total 30 floors in this hotel.

Total 7 types of instruments were made in this hotel. Out of which all types of restaurants are known for different dishes. You now we know the name of the restaurant and itc royal bengal buffet price.

Grand Market Pavilion is multicusine (3500 for two approx)

Ottimo is Italian cuisine (₹ 4000 for two approx)

Royal vega is Indian cuisine (₹ 4000 for two approx)

Gourmet couch is multicusine (₹ 2500 for two approx)

Darjeeling lounge for tea, coffee, finger food (₹ 1500 for two approx)

The brass room for finger food, tapas (₹ 4000 for two approx)

One restaurant for delivery purpose

You cannot book a table for your lunch, dinner or breakfast in the three restaurants given below. From the rest of the above, you can book a table in which of the four restaurants.

How is the facility and services of itc royal bengal

If we talk about the facility of itc hotels, then its facility is of very high standard. Because it is an international chain property. In this hotel many lists come in 1 day and many guests go. If you take a room in this hotel, then you are given many facilities in this room.

For example, if you want to drink coffee or tea, then all the ingredients are kept in the drawer to make coffee and tea. Where you can make tea or coffee in 2 minutes. Apart from this, the decoration of the bed in the hotel room is of a very high standard.

Apart from this, ITC hotel has many such facilities which you will come to know only after visiting. So if you ever go to Kolkata for the purpose of roaming then do not forget to visit itc royal bengal.

If we talk about the cleanliness of this hotel, then cleaning is done well at regular intervals.Because a good hotel is identified by its cleanliness and service facility. And in all these respects ITC Royal Bengal has a very high standard.

Service :

Now if we talk about the service of the hotel here, then it is also very good. Because all the work and employees who work here are all qualified from Hotel Management College. Meaning that they have a degree in hotel management and such workers and employees have good skills.

Who is qualified from Hotel Management College and has a degree in Hotel Management. Only then do they get a chance to work in these hotels. Because this type of five star hotel hires only professional people as employees.

Due to having a hotel management degree, such students have good management skills. This is the reason that the service of ITC Royal Bengal is of a very high standard.

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