How is the international institute of hotel management (iihm) in 2022

Today we will talk about how is the International Institute of Hotel Management . Because many students want to do hotel management course but they do not know what kind of college the International Institute of Hotel Management. And what is the process of taking admission in it.

It is an international college where students from outside India also come to study. It is a private college and there is also a government college which is known as IHM. And the private college which is there is known as IIHM.

If you want to take admission in a government college, then you have to give NCHMCT entrance exam for that. After which you get Hotel Management College. And from there you do your hotel management degree.

But if you do not want to give this entrance exam or else you are not able to pass in this entrance exam. So you can also do your hotel management degree from private college. Which is quite famous by the name of IIHM.

If you are thinking of doing your studies from International Institute of Hotel Management. Better than this, you can go to a place like Singapore or USA and study your hotel management, which will be very good for you.

Advantage and disadvantage of international institute of hotel management (iihm)

If we talk about International Institute of Hotel Management Advantage here, then it has the biggest advantage. That you have a lot of chances of getting placement outside India. Because the coverage that is there or at the international level and the identity of such colleges outside India is very high. And it is the dream of many hotel management students that after studying hotel management, they go to visit outside India.

That’s why if you also want to move outside India by doing hotel management. So you can choose International Institute of Hotel Management. In which iihm kolkata, iihm delhi, iihm pune, iihm banglore are considered to be very good colleges.

And the second biggest advantage is that you have to do industrial training during your degree. Which these international level colleges give you the opportunity to do industrial training outside India.

What is the infrastructure of the International Institute of Hotel Management. He is very good and the quality of his studies is also very good.


Disadvantage of Iihm College is nothing but the biggest drawback seems to be that your course fee of International level college is much higher as compared to government college. Where if you talk about the course of Government College, then it is around 4 to 5 lakhs. But IIHM college is quite 10 to 15 lakhs.

But if you get a chance to study Hotel Management from Government College, then you should do it from Government College itself. If you don’t get chance and you are able to pay IIHM college fees. Then you can study in IIHM College. Because some people believe that it is considered better than government college and private college.

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