How to do preparation for hotel management internship interview

Today we are going to talk about how to do preparation for hotel management internship interview. Because at the time of doing hotel management internship, students are worried. That’s why we will tell you how to prepare for Hotel Management Industrial Training.

If you are doing your Hotel Management degree from IHM College. So the best five star hotel internship in your college comes for interview.

Apart from this, if you want to do your hotel management internship in a good five star hotel. So you can mail your resume to that hotel. Or you can talk to hr of that hotel, after that you can fix your interview date and give your interview.

How is the hotel management internship interview done?

Hotel Management Internship Interview is done in two ways one is offline one is online. These two methods, offline interview is considered better.

Because when you go to interview offline, your personality is seen well. The way you sit and walk is well seen. But when you give online interview then it becomes a bit difficult. If you talk face to face during an offline interview, then a different confidence comes.

Whenever you will give an interview for industrial training, the first question you are asked is to tell about yourself. It sounds like a simple question but when you answer it. So from this answer the person interviewing understands that how much confidence is there in you, how much trust is there.

Therefore, whenever you go to the interview, you should practice well for what to say about yourself. Apart from this, your area of ​​interest is asked and based on that two-three questions are asked from you which is not very difficult.

Important points about hotel management industrial training interview

First and foremost you have to keep in mind that you have to be completely confident. And your confidence will come in you only when your preparation will be good. Therefore, you must practice two or four times before giving the interview.

In the interview of Hotel Management Industrial Training, you are asked questions related to your subject or from your area of ​​interest. It is important for you to answer them too, so you should read your subject thoroughly.

Before answering any question, first of all listen to the question well and then give your answer only. Otherwise it will reduce your value in the eyes of the interviewer.

Best five star property for hotel management internship

Taj property: Taj hotels has many hotels in different states that you can go to do internship in these hotels which is a good property.

ITC property: ITC Hotels also has a lot of hotels in different states. And I also did my industrial training from ITC Royal Bengal which was very good. So you can do your industrial training from ITC hotel which is very good.

Apart from this, there are many properties due to which you can do your industrial training like Oberoi Hotel, Radisson Blu, Crown Plaza etc.

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