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Pure Gajji Silk Hand Bandhej Garchola Sarees with Eye Catching Thread Embroidery

Pure Gajji Silk Hand Bandhej Garchola Sarees with Eye Catching Thread Embroidery

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Drape in the cultural splendor of Kutchi Gharchola Saree, where tradition is woven into every intricate detail.

Adorn yourself in the timeless charm of our Kutchi Gharchola Saree, a masterpiece of cultural heritage and craftsmanship. The vibrant threads of Kutchi Gharchola design come to life on pure Jarcard Silk, creating an ensemble that narrates the rich traditions of the Kutch region.

  • Product Content
  • Type :- Gharchola Sarees
  • Material :- Pure Jarcard SIlk 
  • Designe :- Kutchi Gharchola
  • Work :- Thread + Stone + Embordery
  • Pallu :- Barik Jaal
  • Border :- Same As Pallu
  • Leanth :- 44' Inch.
  • Meter :- 5.5 Mt. + Blouse
  • Blouse Material :- Pure Jarcard Silk
  • Blouse Designe :- Contrast with Heavy Border
  • Blouse Leanth :- 44' Inch
  • Blouse Meter :- 0.90 Mt.
  • Care :- Dry Clean

Step into elegance with our Kutchi Gharchola Saree, a symbol of cultural richness and sophistication priced at just ₹199. Order now to own a piece that seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary allure.

Key Feature: 

  1. Pure Jarcard Silk Opulence: Experience the luxurious feel of Pure Jarcard Silk, providing a regal texture and ensuring a graceful drape.
  2. Intricate Embroidery Work: Adorned with detailed embroidery, each piece reflects the artistry and precision of Kutchi Gharchola design.
  3. Versatile Lengths: With 5.5 meters for the saree and 0.90 meters for the blouse, this ensemble offers ample fabric for creative draping styles.
  4. Hand-Dyed Colors: The vibrant hues are meticulously hand-dyed, adding depth and richness to the Kutchi Gharchola pattern.
  5. Affordable Heritage: Priced at ₹199, this saree provides an affordable yet luxurious option for those seeking a timeless piece with cultural significance.
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